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Life of LX - Music by Lexy Bradford

Meet Lexy Bradford.

Lexy Bradford writes or co-writes all her songs. As a pop artist, her vocal tone is clean and clear with sprinkles of R&B riffs laid on top of modern-day electro beats. She arranges and sings tight harmonies creating a lush and ethereal background that envelops her lead. Lexy pulls her inspiration from a wide range of musical icons. She embodies the incredible performances, amazing visuals of Bruno Mars; the fashion style of Gwen Stefani; anthemic songs with killer harmonies similar to Queen; and electrifying the women-empowerment messaging of Beyonce.

Lexy performed at the Latin GRAMMYs with Luis Fonsi and Diplo and has shared the stage with many other major label artists. Even as a performer dreaming of sold-out stadiums, having fans relate to her and feel inspired by the music is always her driving force.

“My life was forever changed when at 9 years old an accident left me with an ugly facial scar. Through the shame and trauma from countless years of embarrassment and bullying, I ultimately discovered self-love, confidence, and an appreciation for natural beauty. As a role model for young women, I strive to help them achieve the same.”

– Lexy Bradford


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Life of LX - Music by Lexy Bradford

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